Custom Built Blues.

At Diamondback Stringworks, we build custom stringed instruments, custom wound pickups, and hand-tooled leather straps.

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$3000 Base Price*

Made from scratch hollow bodies made to your specifications.


Tops: Lutz Spruce, Adirondack Spruce, Mahogany
Backs and sides: Mahogany, Padauk, Indian Rosewood, Maple, Oak, Walnut, Koa, Sapele
Necks: Mahogany, Sapele, Curly Maple, Multi-piece necks also available
Fretboard Material: Rosewood, Ebony
Electronics: The K&K Pure Mini is my go-to for acoustics and all I will install.
Tuners: Grover Sta-Tites are standard. Waverley's are also available.

*$500 non-refundable deposit on all custom instruments
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$1800 Base Price*

Hand carved bodies and necks with hand wound pickups made to order.


Body: Sapele, Mahogany, Cypress, Walnut, Maple, Rosewood
Cap material: Curly maple, Quilt maple, Koa, Walnut, Mahogany
Neck Material: Curly Maple, Sapele, Rosewood
Fretboard material: Rosewood, Ebony
Electronics: All pickups wound in-house. Any style pickup for any style of music.
Tuners: Grovers are standard.

*$500 non-refundable deposit on all custom instruments
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A history of making great sounds.

Me and Steve Earle

A.J. Hancock started building cigar box guitars in the summer of 2008. Over the next 5 years he sharpened his skills building one of a kind mandolins, banjos, and electric guitars and pickups; establishing Diamondback Stringworks in March of 2013. Since it's founding, Diamondback Stringworks has built guitars for musicians such as Peewee Moore, Husky Burnette, J.B. Beverley, and Steve Earle.

Rusty Knuckles

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    It has a perfect tone on the neck pickup for rhythm and lead both. All around great guitar from top to bottom! I'd recommend it to any blues player looking for a dirty tone.



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    A beautiful, great playing piece of art.



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    This is just a really, really superior instrument. Any of you looking for a custom build, really nice, handmade guitar, you can't go wrong with one of A.J.'s instruments. It just won't happen that way.


  • This guitar is easily my favorite guitar. Period. The detail put into the build by AJ is mind blowing. I've never played, let alone owned, a guitar that's sounded this good.


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